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What is the required effort for installing HPE Aruba ALE?

This article explains what is the typical time commitment for installing HPE Aruba ALE for a large organization.

Please make sure to review the technical documentation about HPE ALE, which includes an architecture diagram and the requirements for the integration.

Short Answer

It takes between 2,5 to 10 hours (with a scope of about 20 floor plans) to set up HPE Aruba ALE from scratch and connect to Basking.

Please continue reading to understand the details.


The integration with HPE Aruba consists of three steps. Please note that the time estimations presented below are estimates ranges based on our experience working with large organizations. The details will usually depend on the scope of the project and the internal processes of your organization.

1) Setup your ALE on-prem

The goal is to have the ALE server up and running on your data center.
  1. Get the required licenses for ALE for the amount of APs in the sites in scope. The estimated effort for this activity is 0-1 hour. 
  2. Install and configure ALE, including the virtual machine and firewall rules required. The estimated effort for this activity is 30-60 minutes.
  3. Validate the ALE connectivity to your WLCs from the ALE web UI. Estimated effort: 10 minutes.

Tip: In case you run into problems, please refer to the official ALE troubleshooting guide

2) Configure Floorplans and Calibrate

Next general step, we need to make sure that ALE knows the location hierarchy and location of the WiFi access points.
  1. Configure your Airwave instance with floor plans and the location of APs. Estimated effort: 0-5 hours for up to 20 floors. Note: this task is typically already satisfied. 
  2. Perform Calibration (required for Context with Device Location mode). Estimated effort: 2-5 hours for up to 20 floors.

3) Enable the Basking WebSocket Integration 

Once the setup in Steps 1 and 2 is completed, enabling Basking as a WebSocket Tunnel is simple. Please refer to the technical documentation about HPE ALE for detailed steps. The estimated effort for this step is about 5-10 minutes.