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Required Meta-Information

What is the required meta-data in order to properly set up your account?

In order to set up your account and put occupancy data into perspective, Basking requires additional meta-information:

I. Must-have Meta-Information

a. Office Level

The following information is required for each office:

  • Office Name
  • Office Address
  • Office Timezone
  • Area and Metric System:
    The rented area in m2 or sqft. Areas can be entered as “rentable areas” and/or as “usable areas”. If only one option is provided, we will automatically estimate the other assuming that “rentable is 20% more than usable”.
  • Headcount:
    How many employees are allocated to this site?

b. Floor Level

Floors also have the required information as specified below:

  • Floor Name:
    All floors have initial names that are derived from the WiFi network configuration. Names can be changed anytime.
  • Floor Capacity:
    The number of workstations and/or total seats in the floor where employees and visitors can work for longer periods.
  • Floor Area:
    In m2 or sqft.

II. Additional Recommended Meta-Information

a. Office Level

The following information is not strictly required for Basking to operate, but it is recommended:

  • Operating Times:
    Start and end time of normal daily operation. The daily average occupancy will be calculated between those times.
  • Market:
    For large portfolios, we offer the ability to split the portfolio view by markets. Examples of markets are EMEA, North America, Europe, and Canada.
  • Adjusted Capacity as a percentage of Capacity:
    Due to COVID-19 adjusted capacity. It represents the available share of Capacity to the employees.
  • Target Occupancy:
    The desired office occupancy under normal conditions. Research has shown that occupancy should be between 80% and 90% for people to feel best at the office. If not specified, this value defaults to 85%.
  • Currency:
    The currency this office operates with. It will default to the currency of the office’s location.
  • RTO Goal:
    The current RTO goal for your organization. See here for more details. 

b. Floor Level

  • Floor Plan: The floor plan can be added to Basking in order to provide a visual representation of the data, specifically by enabling the Areas.
  • Floor Adjusted Capacity as a percentage of the floor capacity: Due to COVID-19 adjusted capacity. It represents the available share of workstations.

c. Area Level

  • Area Geometry: The location and shape of the area on a floor.
  • Area Size
  • Area Capacity
  • Area Type: The type of area can be Kitchen, Lounge, Meeting Room, Reception, Work Desks, or Mixed.
  • Area Name

III. Optional Meta-Information

The following information is optional, as it unlocks additional benefits.

  • Rent:
    Basking calculates the Real Estate Opportunities based on the actual rent.
  • Lease End Date:
    The lease end of an office marks an important opportunity, as it allows for changes otherwise difficult to make.