Organization Settings

This article describes how to use the organization settings for your account


Account Administrators (see available user roles) can view and edit organization settings using the organization settings menu. This empowers you to customize your organization's preferences and streamline processes.

Capacity Settings

One of the key features is the ability to set the default capacity type for your organization. You can choose between total seats and workstations as the default option. However, it's important to note that users have the flexibility to override this setting for their own user profiles if they wish to do so.

Steps to set a new default capacity

  1. Enable overriding by enabling the "Override default" checkbox 
  2. Select the desired default capacity from the dropdown menu
  3. Hit save 

ESG Settings

Basking utilizes a predefined value for calculating CO2 emissions and identifying saving opportunities. In the absence of a specific default value for your organization, Basking automatically uses a default value of 91 kg of CO2 emissions per m2 and year. As an account administrator, you have the authority to determine the default value that best suits your organization's needs.

We understand that each organization may have unique requirements, so if the organization-wide value does not meet your needs, we offer assistance in configuring site-specific emission settings. Simply create a service ticket here, and our team will gladly help you.

Steps to set a your default ESG settings

  1. Enable overriding 
  2. Set the default value in the field on the right 
  3. Hit save 

Note: the unit used for the yearly CO2 emissions value will depend on your user settings. 

RTO Settings

Account administrators now have the capability to set the default RTO (Return-to-Office) goal for all sites. 

Similar to the ESG settings, if the organization-wide value does not align with your specific needs, we are here to support you in configuring site-specific settings. You can easily create a service ticket, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process.

Steps to set your default RTO goal

  1. Enable overriding 
  2. Set the default value for RTO
  3. Hit save