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LAN SNMP Connector for Cisco Catalyst



The following article explains how to integrate one or multiple Cisco Catalysts with Basking.io using SNMP. This integration allows you to use your existing LAN network with Basking.io in order to provide occupancy analytics for your offices

Please note that we also support the Netconf and YANG protocols using another LAN connector.


The following diagram explains the general architecture of the integration between Cisco and Basking:


                                                 Basking.io Cisco LAN SNMP Architecture Overview


Please note that the connector will be run by the client’s IT, which will have full visibility and control. The connector provides all IT security and Data Privacy controls on-prem.

Requirements for the integration

a) Hardware and software requirements

  1. Cisco LAN network
  2. Cisco Catalyst Switches that support SNMP
  3. Container runtime or virtual machine for the Basking Connector
  4. Optional: Mapping between ports and floors, areas, and/or workstations.

b) Organizational requirements

  1. SNMP access v3 or v2
  2. Necessary corporate firewall rules