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LAN Netconf/YANG Connector for Cisco Catalyst



The following article explains how to integrate one or multiple Cisco Catalysts with Basking.io using YANG models. This integration allows you to use your existing LAN network with Basking.io to provide occupancy analytics for your offices

Please note that we also support SNMP via a separate connector.


The following diagram explains the general architecture of the integration between Cisco and Basking:


                                                  Basking.io Cisco LAN YANG Architecture overview


Please note that he connector will be run by the client’s IT, which will have full visibility and control. the connector provides all IT Security and Data Privacy controls on-prem.

Requirements for the integration

a) Hardware and software requirements

  1. Cisco LAN network
  2. Cisco Catalyst running IOS XE 16.10 and up
  3. Container runtime or virtual machine for the Basking Connector
  4. Optional: Mapping between ports and floors, areas, and/or workstations.

b) Organizational requirements

  1. Access to the catalyst with privileges 15.
  2. Necessary corporate firewall rules

Configuration Guide

1. Configure your Catalyst device and create a read-only user

First step is to enable the Netconf on your catalyst device. You can follow this guide.

Then, you can add a new username with read only privileges:

username netconf privilege 15 password ...

2. Install the Basking LAN Netconf connector

Follow the instructions provided by Basking to install the Basking LAN Netconf connector. The following parameters are required for the configuration:

  • username and password for the catalyst device(s)
  • list of IP address of the catalyst devices
  • location ID, as provided by Basking

Technical Documentation

  1. Enable Netconf on your IOS XE device


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