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Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus Integration

Necessary steps and documentation for the Huawei iMaster NCE- Campus WiFi integration

The following article explains how to integrate Huawei WiFi Networks with Basking.io using location data provided by iMaster NCE-Campus. This integration allows you to use your existing WiFi network with Basking.io to provide occupancy analytics for your offices. 

Official Documentation

The official documentation can be found here, specifically on chapter 1.7.4 "Reporting Terminal Location Data by iMaster NCE- Campus in Relay Mode".


At any point, this integration is owned and maintained by the customer's IT team. Basking will not require access to any networking component. 

Steps for integrating Cisco Spaces with Basking.io

There are three basic steps to integrate Basking into Cisco Spaces.

1) Basking Shares URL and Secret

 Basking will share the integration URL and a secret, to be used in the second step. 

2) Configure iMaster NCE-Campus

In iMaster NCE-Campus, perform the following configuration:

  1. Navigate to System/System Settings/Third-party Service
  2. Select Data Upload 
  3. Enter the integration URL and secret provided by Basking in step (1)
  4. Click on Validator, and send the validator to Basking

3) Basking configures the validator

Once Basking configures the validator in our system, the data will start flowing using encrypted HTTPS requests. 

Data Format 

The following data format is provided by iMaster NCE-Campus to Basking.

Note: Since Basking is not accessing iMaster NCE-Campus directly, we can't change the data format provided. 

    "data": [
            "apMac": "4C:FA:CA:D8:23:A0",
            "terminalList": [
                    "terminalMac": "88:19:08:F1:88:45",
                    "rssi": -68,
                    "timestamp": 1557460789000
                    "terminalMac": "90:2E:1C:6A:2A:57",
                    "rssi": -57,
                    "timestamp": 1557460789000
    "secret": "Test@1234",
    "type": "ApLocation"

Note: In iMaster NCE-Campus, the word terminal references the wireless connected devices, like laptops and mobile phones.