How is the environmental impact calculated by Basking?

How does Basking calculate the environmental impact of different occupancy insights in detail?

With the release of our environmental KPIs in our occupancy insights, Basking is able to estimate not only the economic value of optimizing your office space but also the environmental impact.  

The calculation is quite simple for each of the insights, as specified below:

Headcount Opportunity 

The Headcount Opportunity is a metric that estimates how many people can you bring additionally to an office, based on how the current population is using it. 

By allocating additional employees to an existing office, you avoid renting additional office space, thus saving both rent and the environmental impact of that avoided office space. 

Space Opportunity

The Space Opportunity insight shows the amount of workstations that are not required in an office space, based on how the space is being used. The space utilized by those workstations can be repurposed for different things, like adding break-out areas, collaboration spaces, or meeting rooms. In those cases, there is an opportunity to claim space in order to create new spaces, which you would have otherwise needed to rent in addition to your existing footprint. 

Alternatively, the space can also be decommissioned, which actually reduces your footprint. 

Specific Emissions 

Basking uses a default of 91 kg of CO2 per sqm and year for calculating the environmental impact. This value can be changed by organization, region, or specific location. 

In order to change this value, please contact Basking via email, chat, or this form