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Data structure being transmitted by Cisco Spaces Integration

The following article details the data structure for Cisco Spaces

The following data structure is currently being used by Cisco Spaces to transmit data to Basking, using the persistent and encrypted Firehose integration. 

Details on important data elements 

The following data elements are worth expanding upon. 


Unique per device, based on hashed identities. This element is created by Cisco Spaces. 


Similar to the deviceId element, the userId element is hashed and unique per user. Please note that only wireless networks that collect user information will report this element. 


Wireless MAC address of the devices. Basking will irreversibly anonymize this element during data ingestion and won't be stored in our systems. 

Data Structure 

"recordUid": "event-3c74087a",
"recordTimestamp": 1572956632835,
"spacesTenantId": "spaces-tenant-549be59d",
"spacesTenantName": "Simulation",
"partnerTenantId": "Simulation-Retail",
"deviceLocationUpdate": {
"device": {
"deviceId": "device-hViL1d1XZkuivw7qsdXY",
"userId": "user-1SChDb0PUebBBj2cnartdb",
"tags": ["EmXXXXeeX", "MAXXXXXXXer", "MAXXXXXer", "MAFXXXXXXXXXser", "EmXXXXee"],
"otherFields": [],
"macAddress": "00:50:54:ad:f1:00",
"manufacturer": "",
"os": "iOS",
"osVersion": "",
"type": "NOT_AVAILABLE",
"socialNetworkInfo": []
"location": {
"locationId": "location-ad0a997",
"name": "Location - 4081f653",
"inferredLocationTypes": ["FLOOR"],
"parent": {
"locationId": "location-59c7afa3",
"name": "Location - 6861a1f0",
"inferredLocationTypes": ["NETWORK", "BUILDING"],
"parent": {
"locationId": "location-8df0d359",
"name": "Location - f9756373",
"inferredLocationTypes": ["CAMPUS"],
"parent": {
"locationId": "location-a29c1d51",
"name": "Location - 6861a1f0",
"inferredLocationTypes": ["CMX"],
"parent": {
"locationId": "location-e03e5040",
"name": "Location - 1b03b03b",
"inferredLocationTypes": ["ROOT"],
"sourceLocationId": "",
"apCount": 20
"sourceLocationId": "",
"apCount": 20
"sourceLocationId": "ff439f58-5c23-4e70-acb0-4bb90f9a1057",
"apCount": 20
"sourceLocationId": "ff439f58-5c23-4e70-acb0-4bb90f9a1058",
"apCount": 20
"sourceLocationId": "ff439f58-5c23-4e70-acb0-4bb90f9a1059",
"floorNumber": 1,
"apCount": 10
"ssid": "MaXXXXXXXct",
"rawUserId": "",
"visitId": "visit-7940552674721688144",
"lastSeen": 1572956631000,
"deviceClassification": "EMPLOYEE",
"mapId": "",
"xPos": 683.626,
"yPos": 154.97809,
"confidenceFactor": 0.0,
"latitude": -999.0,
"longitude": -999.0