Are LAN-connected laptops included in observations by WiFi-based occupancy analytics?

Many companies still operate wired networks (LAN) in their offices, mostly via docking stations. These laptops can typically still be detected by WiFi analytics.

It is highly likely that corporate laptops will automatically connect to the LAN when they are docked into the docking station. WiFi module typically remains active in the background while connected to LAN. However, the specific configuration of employee laptops by IT departments can vary, which can potentially affect these settings.

💡 This means that the laptop can still be detected by WiFi analytics even when it is inserted into the docking station and thus connected to the LAN.

Can this behavior be evaluated for our company?

We offer a process to evaluate whether laptops connected to the LAN can still be detected by WiFi. To begin this process, please reach out to our customer success team. They will guide you through the necessary steps.